​​“Exceptional leadership inspires extraordinary results.”

At ALACRITY EXECUTIVE COACHING & CONSULTING, Suzan Agulnek helps senior executives and their high-potential teams become inspirational leaders who drive and deliver sustained growth and profit. Suzan's 25 years of experience as a senior-level Human Resources Business Partner in a variety of industries gives her a realistic and comprehensive understanding of the challenges managers face in structurally complex, ever-changing, diverse and multi-generational work environments.

 (646) 844-4570​

Suzan partners with her clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. She guides them through a thought-provoking process that encourages them to look through a new lens to reveal the ingrained beliefs and behaviors holding them back from achieving their goals. 

Suzan's passion is helping her clients to become the very best version of themselves as leaders, executives and whole, happy people. She assists them in seeing their world differently and when they do, their world changes. They show up differently and create results that seemed impossible just days before.