Suzan Agulnek, founder of ALACRITY EXECUTIVE COACHING & CONSULTING, is a Columbia University certified Executive Coach. She is goal-oriented and results-driven with a business orientation based on 25 years of experience at Fortune 500 companies as a human resources business partner and advisor to senior executives and their teams. 

As a Leadership and Performance coach, Suzan helps highly accomplished managers as well as emerging leaders enhance their leadership effectiveness and raise their level of performance to consistently deliver both their own and their organization’s desired results. She has extensive experience in a variety of industries including service, luxury beauty, consumer goods, solar energy, and retail.

“Coaching is not telling people what to do. It’s guiding them to examine what they are doing in light of their intentions.”​


 (646) 844-4570​


Suzan provides her services to senior executives, managers and founders associated with businesses of various sizes and maturity, including Fortune 500 companies, well-established medium-sized enterprises, private equity-backed companies and start-ups. She has worked extensively with CEOs, global presidents, strategic marketers and finance executives as well as senior-level creative designers, product developers and blue sky innovators. Suzan works with individual private clients as well as clients sponsored by their organizations.

Style and Approach

Suzan’s refreshingly authentic approach to coaching and her respectful yet direct style of communication quickly inspire open and trusting client/coach relationships essential to a successful outcome. She combines her coaching expertise, a keen intuitive sense and an expansive, deep understanding of human behavior to lead her clients to self-discovery – the crucial prerequisite to changing behaviors and sustainable personal growth.

As Suzan ushers her clients to venture outside of their comfort zone toward self-exploration and discovery, she provides insight around their own perspectives that are inhibiting their growth and success. She guides them as they peel back a layer or two, reset and revitalize their mindset and expand their horizon of possibilities and opportunities. Suzan assists her clients to devise a plan to create the future they desire. Suzan makes a total commitment to her clients to complete the changes that support their success.