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As a top-tier business leader you face exceptionally challenging demands while under immense pressure. Each crucial decision you make and action you take can have a huge impact on the company’s bottom line and overall success. Unquestionably, you have the heaviest load to bear. We know that leaders at your level need a confidential “somebody” with whom you can be your most authentic self and safely and honestly share your true concerns, fears, anger, disappointments and dreams. Somebody to laugh freely with about your most annoying colleague; somebody to be the first to hear your new ideas.

So who’s your “somebody”?

Advising and Consulting

“To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.”

As your experienced ALACRITY advisor, Suzan will be a committed and unbiased listener, a sounding board (often with an opinion), a sage counselor, a thought partner, a trustworthy confidant and your devoted ally. You will, for the first time in your leadership role, actually be encouraged to make it all about you! Suzan will tell you things that others in your life will not say. She will offer challenging observations and be a tough reality check but she will always believe in you and hold you accountable to a bigger vision.