“Suzan is an incredible coach. She sees both major behavior patterns and nuance in situations and is able to coach with deep insight. I have seen the work she does make a significant difference in the way people think and work. In my work with her, she is always a strategic and pragmatic partner and very open to finding multiple ways to address challenging situations. She helps and inspires senior executives and their teams to become high performing leaders. I recommend her highly.”

Nancy McKay, former CEO


“Integrity, authenticity, wisdom, directness and a sense of humor. This combination of qualities makes Suzan the perfect coach. If you want an expert who provides sage advice and helps you to identify and action the necessary mindset and behavioral changes required to achieve your professional and personal goals, I recommend Suzan without hesitation.”

Deborah Brown, SVP, Human Resources

LVMH P&C North America

“By asking exceptionally powerful questions Suzan guided me through a process of self-discovery and exploration that increased my self-awareness and surfaced meaningful new insights. She accompanied me on a path toward recognition and acknowledgment of the old mindsets and behaviors that no longer served my professional and personal agenda and were actually holding me back from achieving even greater success.”

Paul Ahern, President


What Clients Are Saying

“As my co-worker and HR business partner, I watched Suzan coach and advise many of my colleagues through very difficult situations. When she told me that she was going solo as an executive coach and consultant, I knew I had to sign up. Suzan is the perfect combination of compassion and pragmatism. She has an unmatched ability to read people and quickly identify the crux of complex matters. In only a short time Suzan was able to get to the heart of my issues and helped me to see when my decisions and actions were not serving my best interests. In essence, she helped me get out of my own way and do the work that I needed to do to turn my situation around.”

Julie Howard, SVP, Corporate Innovation

The Estee Lauder Companies

 (646) 844-4570​