– Lead Teams

  • Elevate their level of inspirational and strategic leadership
  • Increase their team’s engagement and bring team performance to the next level
  • Effectively motivate and manage multi-generational teams
  • Inspire originality, innovation and creativity
  • Reduce resistance to and anxiety around change
  • Effectively manage conflict
  • Champion and celebrate diversity

– Increase Effectiveness

  • Communicate for results
  • Enhance persuasiveness
  • Redirect and refocus priorities and individual goals to align with organizational objectives
  • Make decisions more quickly, take strategic risks and make bold moves
  • Make swift, smooth transitions into new positions

– Accelerate Personal Development

  • Build powerful, collaborative working relationships and strengthen interpersonal effectiveness
  • Strengthen credibility and earn the respect and trust of colleagues at all levels of the organization
  • Enhance self-confidence, executive presence and strength of influence
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence and practice the art of tact and diplomacy
  • Determine and embrace the right balance of self-assuredness and humility

“Go out there & do amazing things.”

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Why Alacrity?

We help high-potential executives at all levels and stages of their careers to develop critical competencies that enable them to: